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How did I start on the Yoga path?

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My name is Vlad-Paul Tanase, I was born in the small city of Tulcea, in Dobrogea, Romania and I am living in Bucharest for about 20 years.

From adolescence I asked myself questions which I later discovered that are common for a lot of people, such as: Who am I? Why do I do what I do? What is my purpose in life? Which are the forces that are influencing my life? and so on. Guided by these questions I have been searching for answers in several areas.

I graduated the University of Bucharest, licensed in mathematics. I have a vast experience in Marketing, Project Management and the last 10 years in Purchases, both in Romania and in multinational companies.

Even so, a successful career has not helped me to find answers to the essential questions in life. Therefore, I have started to study psychology, body language and human development through various methods. I have joined various courses and workshops of Personal Development, NLP, Coaching and Train the Trainers. I have created and delivered Emotional Intelligence trainings and seminars.

I am practicing Yoga and Meditation for about 15 years and in all these years I have discovered and realized that this is the best way for me to develop in all areas that define my being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

During a Silent Retreat I have gained deep achievements in Yoga for me, especially in the practice of Meditation, where I had high spiritual experiences. Following these experiences, Yoga and Meditation became daily practices for my evolution and transformation.

The accumulated experiences are reflected in my everyday life in all its domains and aspects, and thus I manage to harmoniously and efficiently blend the spiritual and material aspects of life.

My purpose is to discover the essence of the human being along with those who want to follow this path of self-knowledge. I am inviting you to walk together for a while on the Yoga and Meditation journey.

I am inviting you to discover together Yoga and Meditation!

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