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Why should you practice Yoga?

There are countless articles and books written on this topic, all of them praising the effects that yoga practice is bringing upon the practitioners. And it is true, based on the volume and quality of practice, one can enjoy its various effects. This is why I consider that the statement "Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory" is the most valuable. Without daily practice, the effects are diminished.

Two more considerations I would underline before going to the benefits are the following:

- I consider that Yoga should be done in a safe environment. Make sure that you do not push beyond what your structure can currently support and in time, with daily practice, you will be amazed of the transformations that will appear.

- Yoga practice starts from the level of each practitioner, therefore do not worry that you are not flexible enough, strong enough or focused enough. The progress is quickly visible with practice.

There are three ways in identifying the benefits of yoga practice. Either by observation by each practitioner, by relying on the writings of the yoga sages of the world, or through the conclusions of the huge number of the scientific researches done lately.

The most important conclusion I have reached in my studies on Yoga in the last years is that most of the yoga benefits described in the ancient yoga books have started to be demonstrated through scientific research, thus confirming the huge value that yoga practice is bringing to each practitioner.

I will list below the key Yoga benefits scientifically proven in the past years and I will let you discover the ones described in the Yoga books and following your practice.

- Develops the mind and the body.

- Improves the quality of life.

- Spreads and tonifies the muscles and tendons. Increases the muscle strength.

- Encourages bone and ligament health.

- It emphasizes the mobility of the spine and the joints.

- Improves flexibility and balance.

- Reduces the inflammations.

- Improves blood circulation and heart health.

- Rejuvenates internal organs and endocrine system (glands and hormones).

- Improves the breathing.

- Reduces stress and eliminates anxiety, helps relieve depression.

- Improves the sleep.

- Promotes relaxation.

- May relieve migraines.

- Reduces chronic hardness.

- It promotes healthy eating habits.

On the question "Why should we practice Yoga?" there are as many answers as practitioners

exist. If I would try to give a simple answer, this is "To be fulfilled and happy"! The long lasting inner fulfillment and happiness given by a healthy and strong unity, harmony and balance between the body, the mind and the spirit, which is the source of fulfillment and happiness. Moreover, Yoga creates physical health and harmony, a strong and focused mind, higher love, emotional intelligence and improves the knowledge about our own personality. On deeper levels, yoga practice is helping us to increase our consciousness levels and make a spiritual experience out of it.

I am sharing below a short list of benefits brought by the Yoga practice that I have identified through my personal experience.

Direct physical effects:

- Strengthens and tones the muscles, ligaments and joints.

- Restores and improves the health and flexibility of the spine.

- Improves and heals physical body disorders.

- Stimulates the immune system.

- Eliminates the excess weight, thus harmonizing the structure of the physical body.

- Harmonizes the sexual life.

Mental benefits:

- Lower volumes of stress or completely eliminates it.

- Boosts memory and mental processes.

- It induces a deep state of calm and inner peace.

- Increases attention and concentration.

- Better decision process.

Emotional and subtle effects:

- Improves the ability to communicate with others.

- Increases the will power.

- Boosts self-confidence.

- It frees the being from prejudices, inhibitions and limitations.

- It helps me be more successful in reaching my goals.

- Awakens and enhances the capacity to love.

- Opens the way to wisdom.

- It balances all structures of the being.

- Opens the being to authentic spiritual experiences.

I wish you success in the Yoga practice and a happy and successful life. And if you are in Bucharest and want to do some yoga practice with me, please book a session at

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